Iain Duncan Smith’s explosive row with LBC’s James O’Brien (Audio)

Whilst hunting for evidence to support the premise of my next post (if you are interested it is that the government, especially IDS, are in denial about why there has been an explosion in food bank usage in the UK) I came across this recording on YouTube posted by “ilegal” (see extracted “About” section below) in April this year.

Audio © LBC

We are lucky enough in the UK to have many of the world’s leading journalists and high on my list of the best broadcast journalists in the UK is James O’Brien (the legend that is Channel 4’s Jon Snow tops my list – sorry James!).  Many, but by no means all, journalists are intelligent and well-informed but few have the courage of their convictions and all too often allow politicians, in particular, to run rings around them in interviews – see my post about C4 News’ Faisal Islam being led a merry dance by George Osborne earlier this year for a prime example.

Here O’Brien puts Iain Duncan Smith to the sword by preventing him from dissembling and misusing statistics and forcing him to stay on point and address the question.  It is penetrating political interviewing at its finest.

Published on 30 Apr 2013

Just came across this. IDS on 97.3 FM talking about job figures, workfare and why people on JSA should work for nothing because it’s “work experience”. Worth a listen. James O’Brien has to be credited for sticking to his guns and not letting IDS get away with the statements that he – at times at odds with his own department – makes Here’s the Audioboo original  http://audioboo.fm/boos/1223720-iain-duncan-smith-s-explosive-row-with-james-o-brien#t=0m0s

Source: illegal (Youtube channel) “About” section

ids its this big

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