The Huffington Post and the US senate’s everyday sexism hypocrisy (video)

It is extraordinary to see the extent of sexism in US in 2014.  It is not only the obvious ‘big’ issues like unequal pay, limited career prospects and curtailed reproductive rights.   There is also the sexism that is present in the media and governing institutions.  These are especially pernicious because they set the cultural tone and decide on the laws that govern the nation.

Huff Post Sideboob

For instance,  hacked photos of female celebrities shone a spotlight on the outrageous hypocrisy of the ‘liberal’ Huffington Post which decried the publishing and sharing of the nude images as outrageous and an invasion of privacy.

This from the online news provider that carries a whole micro-site dedicated to “sideboobs” and which only yesterday was carrying images of Jennifer Lawrence‘s “sideboob” shot from the Rome film festival.

Due to copyright restrictions in order to watch the clip you need to type or copy and paste the passwordimincorrigible

Video © Comedy Central

Of course, the media, notwithstanding its faux equality of the sexes bullsh*t, pales into insignificance next to that bastion of male chivalry known as the United States congress.

Senate sexism

The Democratic senator from New York, Kirsten Gillibrand says that she has faced several sexist encounters at work and has been called everything from “Honey Badger” to “hottest member of the Senate.”

“Good thing you’re working out because you wouldn’t want to get porky,” Gillibrand was told when in the congressional gym.  After she lost weight following a pregnancy, Gillibrand says that one male colleague squeezed her waist and said: “Don’t lose too much weight now, I like my girls chubby.”

Sen. Gillibrand discusses sexism and making a difference on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart (video added 9 September):


Video © Comedy Central


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