DNC in Philly day two: busting Bernie fans with Stephen Colbert and Trevor Noah (video)

“Trevor Noah moved his show to Philadelphia for the convention and spent his episode chastising the Democrats for their cyber security failure, but also the Bernie or Bust supporters, who got the same interview treatment from correspondents that many Trump supporters got last week.

Daily Show trevor noah DNC

“You’ve got to love Bernie Sanders,” Noah said after showing video of the senator getting booed by his own supporters for backing Hillary Clinton. “He spent the last year teaching people to dream the impossible dream — universal health care, trillions in infrastructure, free college, all paid for with historic tax hikes. And now in a room full of the people who love those ideas he’s coming out like a disillusioned Peter Pan. Clap all you want. Tinker Bell is not coming back. This is real life,” Noah said in his Sanders impression. His fans will follow him “anywhere,” Noah noted, except when Sanders said,  “I think we should vote for Hillary,” they countered with, “(Expletive) you, old man!”

Colbert Time travel

Rolling StonStephen Colbert, still going live, couldn’t get an interview with the real Hillary Clinton after her husband’s big speech on Tuesday night. So instead he interviewed the cartoon version. “Thank you. This is what I love about America,” Cartoon Clinton responded. “It’s the only place where a secretary of state, senator, and lifelong public servant can be put on equal footing with a screaming cantaloupe.” (USA Today 27 July 2016)

The Daily Show and Stephen Colbert

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Roger Ailes’ abrupt resignation from Fox News has finally put a face on his network’s long-standing culture of misogyny—a culture that Samantha Bee eviscerated Monday night in a web-exclusive Full Frontal segment. With dozens of womencoming forward with harassment allegations and broader details regardingstructural sexism bubbling to the surface, Bee zeroed in on what Fox News has been for years: a right-leaning advocacy platform, blending fear-mongering with “relentless misinformation” to reach the type of viewer who can’t bear the sight of a sleeveless Megyn Kelly. “Turns out that the guy who runs the network is kind of a creep,” Bee quipped. “Who would have guessed?”
Slate 26 July 2016

Samantha Bee on Roger Ailes


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