Grant Shapps: just how gullible does this lying crook think voters are? (video)

In November 2013, this blog expressed its dismay and disgust at the fact that, despite legal advice indicating that Grant Shapps may well be a fraudster, the police had decided to drop the investigation completely. You can read the full post here (although a HD version of the original clip is available below).

Is this the true quid pro quo for plebgate?

Getting away with it?

Shapps is a man who has chosen to forego what surely would have been a money spinning career in second-hand car sales or estate agency to become an MP. It is no surprise to note that, since he entered parliament in 2005, MP’s have seen the sharpest and most sustained decline in terms of respect in the eyes of the public for over a century.  It is, of course, even less of a surprise (at least to this blog) that Shapps’ fakery and lies whilst marketing his ‘How To Corp’ get rich quick products have come back to bite him and the Tory party in the backside.

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David Cameron, Jeremy Hunt and their friends at the Daily Mail can whinge and whine all they want about liberal conspiracies but the facts are clear and undeniable.

Grant Shapps pants on fire

Shapps lied repeatedly about the timing of his second job, he even threatened a Labour councillor whilst repeating his own lie (someone should investigate Shapps’ lawyer on this point), he is continuing albeit with an evolved lie even yesterday and there is still the unaddressed issue of his likely acts of fraud which remain uninvestigated.


Shapps is a crook and a liar – in my part of town that’s what’s known as a scumbag but in the Conservative party he is known as “Mr Chairman”.

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